Inspired by Loteria, a popular Mexican game, this logo reflects an ongoing reminder that my life starts with my roots.  My roots serve as a foundation for my life's purpose, and remind me to communicate what I know directly from my heart.  The number 20 is the day I was born on.  My given name at bottom has an X, representing indigenous languages in Mexico including an exploration of my indigenous roots. Wherever I go, burning sage helps me navigate obstacles and find my way.

[Image description]: An illustration of Loteria shows a sky blue background bordered by two black lines. In the upper left corner is a black-colored "20," and in the enter is a brown-skinned hand and arm holding a red and pink veined human heart. The arm extends downwards and becomes tree roots.  Nestled in the far right roots is a bowl holding burning sage wrapped in string.  The smoke from the sage wafts upwards, surrounding the hand.  At bottom in black is "SOCORROXGARCIA."